Beijing Bake Off

Date: 14th March 2018

By: Admin St James

Category: Art, Celebration, Creativity, Design, Teamwork, Writing, Year 5

As part of our reward in year 5, the children work hard to earn marbles in their jar for a treat time.

Marbles can be earned for various acts of good behaviours such as following the golden rules, compliments from other teachers or staff and listening well in class. The children vote upon a treat time they would like to work towards and providing their jar is filled, then the treat time will take place.  The quicker they fill their jar – the quicker the treat time comes round.

On Wednesday, the final marble was dropped into Beijing’s jar and the children went wild with excitement at the fact that their ‘Beijing Bake Off’ would be happening.  Therefore on Thursday afternoon the children were equipped with 2 cakes each and various sweet decorations including melted chocolate and icing!

They had 2 minutes to create a majestic decoration of their choice.  The children took this very seriously and between the nibbling of the mini eggs and the finger licking of icing the cakes were created.  The results were phenomenal, even being named and instructions for recreations written.

What a treat!


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