Trying Something New…

Date: 16th March 2018

By: Mrs Price

Category: Hope, Independence, PE, Sport, Teamwork, Year 3

Paris class had the privilege of trying a new sport recently. Nervously, they entered the hall to be confronted by some protective clothing items and a load of skateboards. Their faces were a picture, some delighted, some terrified. Once they were geared up, the children learnt how to mount a skateboard by jumping on it, first forwards and then backwards. This seemed no trouble for most and I was proud to see some children helping their very nervous friends. The children then learnt how to move forwards in a straight line on the skateboard. Some children confidently skated off by themselves, others used their trustworthy friends to pull them along so they could focus on their balance. All in all, this was a success.

After a while, confidence grew and the children began to get more ambitious with the tricks they were doing on the boards. Whilst some attempted to simply turn the skateboard, others bent down to touch the board or stuck their leg out to the side and we even had some children who learnt how to jump with the skateboard. Due to the nature of the moves they were attempting, there was a lot of falling off! However, the children were not put off by this! I was incredibly proud of their determination and perseverance to get back on the skateboards and try again. By the end of the lesson, the children were itching to do more and some have seriously considered taking this up as a new sport. 

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