Stonehenge Creations

Date: 16th April 2018

By: Admin St James

Category: Creativity, Design, History, Teamwork, Year 5

In year 5, we love an opportunity to bring learning to life (or involve food) so we thought we would combine the two with a Stonehenge challenge!

Throughout our project, we have been learning about the wonders that have been left behind from prehistoric times such as cave paintings in the Lascaux in France, Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands and Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain.

We thought we would have a go at creating our very own Stonehenge, but with biscuits!  Now this was a great deal trickier than we thought, mainly due to the temptation to nibble our creations.

Once we had devoured all of our biscuits, we had another go at creating our own Stone circles, based on Stonehenge, out of clay.  (We weren’t tempted to lick our fingers once this time!)


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