St. James’ Carnival of the Animals

Date: 18th April 2018

By: Mrs Price

Category: Art, Celebration, Creativity, Dance, Drama, English, Home Learning, Parents, Reflection, Teamwork, Year 3

Year 3 blew us away during this project outcome. To start off the carnival festivities, Year 3 did a flash mob style dance to ‘The Circle of Life’. Adopting an animal’s role, they crawled, walked or slithered into the hall and then completed a moving dance to this music without any support from their teachers.

Proudly, they then lead their parents to their station where their home and school learning was waiting to be shown off. There was a great array of writing, maths, art, DT and more to explore showing the pride and attention Year 3 had given to their learning throughout this project. It was delightful also, to see the children so animated when talking about their learning to their parents.

After a while, the children lead their parents to a performance area, where they worked in their groups to perform their animal themed play. There were many rounds of applause and cheers as children took their bows and accepted their praise from their grown ups. What a great project!

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