Year 5 Stone Age Museum

Date: 19th April 2018

By: Mrs Dobson

Category: Creativity, Design, History, Home Learning, Parents, Teamwork, Visitor, Year 5

Year 5 have enjoyed every minute of their new topic ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’, learning such a lot about a period of time that often gets forgotten.

The children have discovered the trials that faced neolithic man and woman and how they had to adapt to survive, equipping themselves with a range of skills in order to survive.

Year 5 have embraced all this learning and more through their home learning where we have seen a range of weapons being brought in to share (!), along with stone age jewellery and even stone age recipes.

We were even lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Jones (Jemima’s mum) who has the incredible job of being an archaeologist.  She was kind enough to come and share with us the work she does and some of her findings!

At the end of our topic, the children were eager to share all they had learnt with their families and friends and therefore set up a magnificent museum in the year 5 classroom to display their array of learning.

We were so pleased to share all we had learnt with so many families and friends – thank you to all who came.     

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