Soaking up the Sun…

Date: 24th April 2018

By: Mrs Price

Category: Community, Eco, Geography, Outdoor learning, School trip, Spirituality, Teamwork, Year 3

Year 3 were privileged to have such good weather for their beach trip. Lined up and ready to go, the children excitedly walked down to Southbourne Beach where they were greeted by the most giant waves! The children were amazed, and a little shocked, to see such large waves on a beautiful day, but this added to the experience of the trip.

Whilst on the beach the children were able to do a range of interesting activities which enabled them to explore the beach in different ways. The children enjoyed sketching the view, paddling in the sea, catching bubbles, finding sea shells, building sandcastles, hunting for nature and eating their lunch beside the seaside. We had such a fantastic day out enjoying the first glimpse of summer. Year 3 are now excited to begin learning about the beautiful nature on our earth during our ‘What a Wonderful World’ Project.

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