Year 5’s trip to the beach

Date: 21st May 2018

By: Admin St James

Category: Art, Creativity, Design, Eco, Geography, Outdoor learning, Questioning, Reflection, School trip, Teamwork, Year 5

On Wednesday, year 5 headed off to the beach to continue their learning on coastal features – a perk of our school being walking distance from the seaside!

This trip was to enable the children to see first hand the human and physical features of a coast, see the effects of longshore drift and ask various members of the public their views on our coastline, plus build a sandcastle and bury Mrs Woolner in the sand!

The children were excellent ambassadors for our academy and walked to and from the beach sensibly, despite the rain that caught us on the return journey.

It was lovely to see the children’s questions that had been generated in the classroom, being answered through their own first hand experiences.  

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