Lettuce Feed you!

Date: 16th July 2018

By: Admin St James

Category: Healthy eating, Home Learning, Maths, Reflection, Teamwork, Year 5

What an exciting and food filled project year 5 have just enjoyed.

Mr Payne presented the children with a problem within the school, that our normal catering company would be unable to deliver hot school dinners and they needed to help feed the school from their sandwich company.  This put a whole new spin onto our project and also gave us a tight deadline to work towards!

The children quickly and efficiently organised themselves into groups, created a company name and logo, produced flyers and order forms and then distributed them to year 3, 4, 6 and school staff and waited for the orders to roll in.

The moment the orders arrived, it was all hands on deck – creating shopping lists and working out logistics for the upcoming sandwich preparation, as well as ensuring their food hygiene knowledge was up to scratch. They created their very own sandwich labels containing food allergy information, as required by government law!

Then, on Tuesday morning, it began!  The children’s hands were washed, hair was tied back and noses were clean!  It was a manic hour with bread being buttered, chocolate spread and bacon being mixed and other delightful creations being put together.  At 12.50 the sandwiches were delivered around the school to many a happy customer.

The children were quick to learn, that your average customer is bound to put in a complaint and Mrs Finnigan was our first, demanding a refund as her order was wrong!  Some children were also left sandwichless!

This gave the children an eye into the business world and it was quick for them to see how their hard earned profit could quickly diminish if customers were not kept happy.

Lucky for us – Mr Payne was happy with his order!

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