Food for Thought…

Date: 12th September 2018

By: Mrs Price

Category: Art, Creativity, Healthy eating, Independence, Year 3

Year 3 have been welcomed back to school with a bang as we launched our new project ‘Food for Thought’. The children’s tummies were grumbling and their mouths left watering after watching an M&S advert filled with luxurious food that they were itching to get their hands on. To their delight, we then announced that they would be preparing, cooking and making their own food as part of this project, as well as learning about nutrition and diet as well.

During our project launch afternoon the children were able to complete a variety of activities to get them in the mood for food. At one station, the children worked with their teacher learning about chocolate, followed by actually being able to smell and taste white, milk and dark chocolate (much to their delight!). In another activity the children were asked to design their favourite meal with the instruction to making it look as tempting as possible. At another station, the children were faced with the ‘hungry caterpillar’s’ menu and tasked with writing his menu for the following day. As a challenge, the children were asked to use interesting adjectives to invite the caterpillar to eat their chosen dishes. The children also learnt how to use a knife to chop up a variety of fruits which they were then able to put onto a skewer. We were so proud of the maturity the children showed when handling the knives and really enjoyed seeing their excited faces as they were able to eat their creation!

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