Military Bootcamp!

Date: 14th September 2018

By: Miss Martin

Category: Independence, Outdoor learning, PE, Sport, Teamwork, Year 5


On Monday, we had our first training day to become military spies!

We army crawled under ropes, climbed up our rock climbing wall and went for a run with our bags on our back. We definitely pushed ourselves to the limit! Working in houses, we raced against the clock to complete an obstacle course where team work was essential.

After a tiring morning, we turned into spies and had to complete five secret missions to begin our undercover training. We practiced our live drops to be able to send messages discretely, learnt how to write the messages that only other spies could read, interpreted surveillance images, completed a questionnaire to find out what type of spy we would be and invented a new undercover identity.


Signing off,

Corporal Martin and Corporal Dobson

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