The Great St. James’ Bake Off

Date: 17th October 2018

By: Mrs Price

Category: Art, Celebration, Competition, Design, Practical learning, Teamwork, Year 3

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Food for Thought’ project and this week was no different as it saw the children take part in ‘The Great St. James’ Bake Off’. In true bake off style, the children were asked to make a biscuit building which would stand up on its own and be decorated creatively. Working as a team, Year 3 were tasked with designing their biscuit building first, making sure they labelled the types of biscuits they would use in particular places.

Once the designing process was complete, the children heard the famous words, ‘On your marks, get set, bake!’ In a flash, the classrooms became a biscuit building extravaganza with groups working exceptionally well as a team towards their goal.

45 minutes later, the baking process was over and the judging process began. Miss Tummon was looking for a group to be named star bakers however after much deliberation she could not decide, turning instead to baking experts Mr Payne and Mr Brown. Having inspected each biscuit building carefully, the judges did pick a winner to be crowned star baker however they also praised every group for their hard work and commitment. All of the biscuit buildings were worthy of being the winning structure – well done Year 3!


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