Rays of Sunshine

Our Sunshine Room provides support with emotional, social and behavioural development of pupils. It takes place in the afternoons and each session consists of a small group of children from KS1 or KS2. The sessions proactively address issues such as self-esteem, social skills, social communication, play skills, anger management and anxieties. It provides the opportunity for social learning, helping the children to attend to the needs of others, especially during snack time, with time to listen and be heard.

We were happy to welcome both old and new faces to the Sunshine Team this term. The Children have enjoyed participating and engaging in the various activities. We have looked at healthy eating and the food groups and then created and made our own sandwiches… Copper the dog even gave them his approval when he joined us for snack time!

Our other activities included some garden maintenance before planting daffodils to enjoy in the Spring. The chickens weren’t too pleased with us invading their territory and proceeded to give chase, much to the hilarity of the children! We considered our other feathered friends by making bird feeders to get them through the winter months.

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