Project day

WOW! What a fantastic day Year 4 had exploring the great outdoors!

The first activity was to build an edible raft and to see whether it could float with a sweet treat on top. This was a task that was only ever going to work if we worked as a team….I am pleased to say that every raft floated proving that team work really does make the dream work!

We moved from raft building to the exciting fire building, learning how to prepare the wood to light a fire but also why fire building skills are key to survival experts. The children were rather impressed to hear that fires can be used to send signals and alert planes and boats for help. Under Mr Slattery’s guidance, the children learnt how to set up the teepee fire and this skill was going to be used later on in the day.

Inside the children were having a go at putting up tents which was easier said than done! We discovered that pop-up tents are very easy to set up but a very different story when packing away. After many attempts, Miss Davies came to the rescue and helped to put our tents back down.

The last activity came with a warning! It was time to learn how to gut a fish so we wouldn’t go hungry if we ever found ourselves in a survival situation. The children all got stuck in and for many it was the highlight of their day. Even the squeamish were keen to give it a go and they found that it was truly worthwhile.

We finished off our day of fantastic learning with a campfire and songs whilst the mackerel was being cooked on the BBQ.  What a day, packed full of exciting, life-long learning.

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  1. Jo Keeping says

    1st November 2018 at 12:58 pm

    Such an amazing experience for the children – thank you so much!