Nice and Spicy!

Date: 9th November 2018

By: Mrs Price

Category: Community, Creativity, Geography, Healthy eating, Practical learning, Year 3

In another of our themed food weeks, Year 3 have been lucky enough to experience the taste of India. In a carousel of activities the children were able to sample some of India’s finest food and artwork. Read on to find out more…

At the tasting table, Year 3 were very excited to try poppadoms with a range of dips such as mango chutney and raita. The mango chutney proved very popular, however the the raita was generally not well received! The children also tried a simple Indian puff pastry often eaten as desert. Most children agreed this was delicious.

After tasting, the children took part in a fact finding activity, focusing on the origins of India’s most well-known foods and spices. The children learnt about India’s most popular dishes, sacred animals and dinner table etiquette which often involves eating with your fingers!

With their teacher, each Year 3 class helped to cook two curry sauces, korma and butter chicken, alongside some rice. Once it was ready, the children were able to taste the two types of curry. We were so proud of all of the children as they all tried something new even if they didn’t like the smell or had tried it before!

Finally, the children were introduced to the art of henna and the delicate patterns traditionally used in India to paint onto their hands and arms. Year 3 were tasked with drawing around their own hand and decorating it with similar patterns, creating their own henna design on paper.

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