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Year 1 – AFCB workshop on respect!

Year one were lucky enough to welcome two members of the AFCB community team to school last week where they engaged in a workshop all about respect. We discussed negative behaviour that you wouldn’t want to see when taking part in not only football but in any sport and then thought of lots of way to make sport positive. We watched a video made by the Premier League and the children were then asked to write their own 5 golden rules. The children in Turtles and Otters made us so proud with how well they engaged in this and some of the rules that they came up with, such as; ‘if a player from the other team falls over then help them up, clap when the other team score a goal, smile at each other, listen to each other and have fun playing’. They showed such maturity and sportsmanship and really set the tone for a fantastic morning. We look forward to when AFCB return again in December.

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