Y5 Bootcamp Outcome!

A HUGE thank you to all our friends and family for coming to join Year 5 to celebrate the children’s hard work this term.

We admired your resilience, perseverance and perspiration during our bootcamp showcase. The children really enjoyed becoming instructors and putting you through your paces. The children had been working all week to provide you with training to make you fit enough to become a stealthy soldier.

We then enjoyed having you all in our classrooms, showing off all the recent work we had been doing. They were very excited to show you their bootcamp area and perimeter projects. For this activity, the children were given specific area and perimeter lengths of different stations and they had to create shapes with those measurement to then create a floor plan for their bootcamp area. We also presented our own camouflage designs that we designed to help us blend into the background during our spy missions. Our main piece of writing towards the end of this term was our newspaper article. The children picked an event they wanted to write about after watching parts of Johnny English and wrote a gripping report on the event, even interviewing eye witnesses!

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed seeing the children’s work and participating in our bootcamps!

Well done Year 5!

Miss Martin and Mrs Dobson

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