It’s grass!!

Date: 20th November 2018

By: Mr Brown

Category: Achievement, Celebration, Creativity, Design, Hope, Outdoor learning, SMSC, Spirituality, Teamwork, Whole school

Over the half term we were thrilled to install the latest equipment to the St. James’ site with the intention of improving the daily experience for our children.  The lower playground was dug up and new drainage ditches and soakaways were installed, before the hill area and block paving beneath the tree were coated in a glorious layer of wonderful astroturf.  On the day that we unlocked the gates to allow children to use this new area it was like a farmer letting cows out to pasture after a long winter trapped in the barn!!  Children were leaping about, rolling down the bank and completely lost in their excitement – a wonderful sight and a lovely indication of just how useful this area is going to be to open up new opportunities during breaktime.

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  1. Caroline says

    20th November 2018 at 11:23 am

    Well done on the improvements. It looks amazing and is perfect for cartwheels (according to Bella…I have no direct experience!)