Discovering the local history…

Date: 21st November 2018

By: Mrs Price

Category: British Values, Community, History, Kindness, Love, Partnership, Questioning, Reflection, SMSC, Visitor, Year 3

Recently, Paris class were fortunate enough to visit the church to explore their WW1 display. The children were greeted warmly by a member of the congregation who explained how to get the best out of their visit. Paris class were calm and respectful whilst discovering how the local people lived and how they fought bravely for their country. The children were amazed to discover how young some of the men were and particularly enjoyed finding out whether any of these soldiers lived on the same road as them. In addition, Year 3 enjoyed reading about the head teacher of St. James’ who gave up his job to temporarily become a soldier and support the war effort. Interestingly, he lived to tell the tale and came back to St. James’ after the war to continue to lead the school. Paris class were so grateful to be able to explore their local history in such detail. Thank you St. James’ Church!

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