Year 5 – Reception Buddies

Date: 26th November 2018

By: Miss Martin

Category: Celebration, Community, Golden Time, Hope, Kindness, Love, Partnership, Questioning, Reception, Reflection, SMSC, Spirituality, Teamwork, Year 5

On Children in Need Day, no less, Year 5 were very excited to meet our buddies in Reception!

We took our buddies outside and played with them during their lunch break. We were so excited to be role models for our little Reception children and are very excited for everything we have planned in the future. We are especially excited about reading with our buddies and teaching them new words.

Year 5 did very well and were very kind, caring and mature. They were also very understanding and patient with our more nervous Reception children.

We hope our Reception children enjoyed it as much as we did!

What a fantastic Friday!


Miss Martin and Mrs Dobson

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