Year 3 on IDPD

Year 3 were so excited to be able to take part in International Day of People with Disabilities. We were given ample opportunities to learn about how people with disabilities cope with their new way of living and were also able to meet some inspirational athletes. Throughout the day, Year 3 learned about how sport around the world has evolved over the years to make sport inclusive for all. The children learned about the Paralympics and the Invictus games where they were astounded to see some footage of what people with disabilities are able to do. We also engaged in activities which helped us understand how people who are visually impaired live their lives too. At the end of the day, the children were asked to tell us one thing they had found the most interesting today. My favourite comment was, ‘I have learned that people with disabilities can often do more than we can. I can’t paint with my toes!’


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