The Great Year 4 Debate!

Date: 18th January 2019

By: Admin St James

Category: British Values, English, News, Practical learning, Year 4

Since the start of the new term, Year 4 have been developing their knowledge of Global issues in our new Rainforest inspired project, ‘Why Should We Care?’.  As part of this, we have been learning about the concept of democracy, analysing opposing manifestos and looking at worldwide issues such as deforestation.

This learning reached a head this week when, having studied various different manifestos about how schools could be run, we debated as classes which manifesto to vote for.  This was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn to form an argument, reason with one another and consider different points of view.  We were delighted with how mature and passionate the children’s responses were, so much so that we decided to give them opportunity to develop their own manifestos for how education in this country should be run and present their ideas to the class!

The children really have engaged with this project so far and we look forward to updating you soon on more purposeful, exciting learning!


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