Astronaut training day

Date: 29th January 2019

By: Admin St James

Category: Competition, Creativity, Independence, PE, Practical learning, Questioning, Science, Teamwork, Year 5

Last week, Year 5 blasted into the building wearing some extremely impressive astronaut suits, ready for their training day.

They were put through their paces to see whether or not they were suitable candidates with the required skill to fly the drone and land it on our moon landing site.

They had to complete six different stations throughout the day which would equip them with skills they would need if they went into space and that were typical of astronaut training today.

These included, physical training, memory training, teamwork, a space knowledge quiz, hydration station and finally, the most exciting of all, space food and drink testing in which the  children were able to taste various space foods including dehydrated strawberries and bananas, which had differing levels of success for children and adults!

The children had to earn their space sticker for each station in their NASA training booklet and we were very impressed with how hard they worked and were driven to earn their sticker for each session.

Now for the drone training to commence!

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