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Superheroes Day!

Date: 6th February 2019

By: Mrs Jacobs

Category: Community, English, I.T., Outdoor learning, PE, Practical learning, Sport, Teamwork, Visitor, Year 2

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s 59 Year 2 children dressed up as superheroes! What a fantastic array of outfits the children wore, ready for this fun-filled day!

As part of our Superheroes Project we enjoyed a special visit from Captain Gava who trained the children to have special superhero powers. We started off with a Wonder Woman Warm up then took part in a carousel of superhero themed boot camp style activities. Some of the exciting exercises we endured were: using dumbbells to flex our muscles like Hulk, use a battle rope to test our strength like Superman and shuttle runs to practise our speed like Spiderman.

Once Captain Gava had departed we had the opportunity to take part in a range of superhero activities such as: writing superhero identity cards, singing superhero songs and working in pairs to compose and send emails to Captain Gava for this awesome, albeit tiring experience! Click on the link below to watch a video.


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