Internet Safety Week

Date: 14th February 2019

By: Mrs Price

Category: Creativity, Drama, I.T., Practical learning, Reflection, Year 3

Year 3 embraced internet safety week with open arms and have loved learning about how to keep themselves safe online. This year, the key message to understand was understanding how to give consent online and when it is acceptable to consent to something and when it is not. The children also discovered how it might feel when you have not given permission for something to happen, but it still happens anyway. Some of the activities the children have taken part in include:

  • Text message scenarios where a photo has been shared without permission
  • What would you do? Drama activities
  • ‘Jargon buster’ activity – learning the meanings of online terminology
  • QR code hunt
  • Virtual Reality headsets

We were really impressed by the children’s mature discussions last week where they seriously considered the behaviour of themselves and others online. They also thoroughly enjoyed taking part in some unique activities, particularly the VR headsets which blew our minds!

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