Light and Sound

Date: 16th February 2019

By: Mrs Fakorede

Category: Achievement, Independence, Language, Practical learning, Questioning, Science, Teamwork, Year 3

This half term, we have been exploring ‘Light and Sound’ in science. Children have had opportunities to take part in a variety of experiments which has enabled them to understand more about sound and light.

To start off with, we carried out experiments using string telephones to identify how sounds are made and the medium through which it travels. We were able to find patterns between the pitch of a sound and the feature of the object that produces it. We came to the conclusion that the length, size and tightness of an object determines the pitch of its sound.

To understand more about light, we identified the different sources of light which are man-made and natural. We established that darkness simply means the absence of light and that shadows are formed when an opaque object blocks a source of light.

The children went on to investigate how to change the size of a shadow and they came to the conclusion that the closer an object is to the source of light the bigger its shadow and the farther an object is to the source of light the smaller its shadow. This conclusion was reached using their shadow puppet experiment.

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