Roman Around!

Date: 4th March 2019

By: Mrs Price

Category: Creativity, History, Outdoor learning, Practical learning, Teamwork, Year 3

Recently, Year 3 spent a whole day dressed in Roman costumes learning about key elements of Roman history. The children were able to experience Roman times like they never had before and got well and truly stuck into learning about this amazing period of history.

Throughout the day, they engaged with many activities – one of which required them to become an archaeologist, carefully digging through unknown territory to find any Roman artefacts left behind nearly two thousand years ago. Amazingly, Year 3 were fortunate enough to find old Roman coins, jewellery and objects which they then discussed and decided what each object would have been used for.

In another activity, Year 3 became Roman mathematicians. They learnt about Roman numerals and then used this new found knowledge to crack some Roman code!

Later on in the day, the children learnt about Roman aqueducts and viaducts, using guttering, tennis balls and water to learn how to channel water in a particular directions. This activity put the children’s team working and problem solving skills to the test, but they soon learnt how clever the Romans were to come up with such an amazing invention!

In their final activity, Year 3 discovered that Romans invented the pancake! Therefore, it was only right that the children had a go at making them themselves and of course they had to try their masterpieces as well!

Not only did we all have an opportunity to get involved with all these activities, they also had an unexpected visit from a real-life Roman!  Roman Brownius spoke to Year 3 about Roman life, architecture, entertainment and the tragic tale of Pompeii.

What a fantastic day of learning!


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