Meal Deal Maths

Date: 2nd April 2019

By: Mr Brown

Category: Community, Healthy eating, Maths, Partnership, Practical learning, Teamwork, Year 6

As part of our Year 6 Maths lessons, a group of our children put their mathematics skills into practice. We went wild in the aisles, finding bargains and linking our maths knowledge in the real world.

They were tasked with finding the biggest saving/best value with a lunchtime meal deal, also finding the best saving for a dine in meal for £10, by choosing different products (including vegetarian options).

Then, as Easter is fast approaching, the team researched the price of crème eggs, discovering the best value.

The staff were delighted to help and were all too keen to assist our year 6 learners, so a big thank you to the Tesco staff.

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