Real life order forms!

Date: 21st May 2019

By: Mr Slattery

Category: Design, I.T., Maths, Year 4

We are just loving our new project in Year 4, ‘Reinventing the Wheel’! It has been brilliant that so much of the learning has come from the children, with a huge emphasis on independent learning whilst needing to work as part of a production team.

There has also been a real emphasis on real life contextual learning, which really came into fruition last week when the children were set the challenge of researching resources they need to create their inventions and fill out a proper order form. Yes, a proper adult order form, exactly the same as the ones used by teachers needing to place an order. Not only this, they were told they had to keep to a budget and therefore had to source the materials for their task as economically as possible. This also presented the opportunity for groups to negotiate with one another, particularly if they were buying packs of items, which could adjust their budgets accordingly.

These order forms were then handed into the office and resources were ordered! Each group will soon be receiving a copy of their invoices to add for their portfolios.  What a brilliant piece of purposeful learning in action, we cannot wait to see their brilliant inventions!

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