A Visit from Mr White

Date: 6th June 2019

By: Mr Slattery

Category: Community, Design, History, Science, SMSC, Teamwork, Visitor, Year 4

On the Tuesday before half term, Year 4 were treated to something rather magical. Mr White is a local resident and came in to speak to the children. Also, Mr White is 92.    92! And, even more amazingly, he came to St. James’ in 1939. Wow! Just think, that’s even longer than Mrs Hurley has been working here…

Mr White was just brilliant! He told the children all about what life was like when he was at school and how the school has changed over the years. Also, he spoke about the local area and how trams used to travel right through the main road outside of school. All of this was accompanied with fascinating pictures.

Furthermore, Mr White has a bit of a wicked sense of humour and we loved hearing about all the pranks he used to get up to at school (the flicking paper balls dipped in ink with a ruler was a definite favourite!).

In the past, Mr White was a STEM ambassador and bought a model of a trebuchet and hovercraft, which we thoroughly enjoyed playing and he actually donated to the school.

Thank you for inspiring us all Mr White, you are simply amazing.


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