The election is on!!

No, no, no – not THAT election!!  A much more important one – the St. James’ Year 6 election!  This morning marked the start of election week in school, with a hustings event so each of the parties could lay out their broad approach to policy, commitments and ethos.  The four parties are once again the Green Eco Party, the Life Party, the Education Party and the Wellbeing Party.

Now that we have launched the campaign, posters will start to go up around school and candidates will be campaigning to try and win the support of their electorate.  Each party has a campaign advert and a website, and on Thursday this week all of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will gather in the hall for the live debate, to be followed by voting on Thursday afternoon.  The results will be announced on Friday, and this year we are going to open voting up to parents also, so please take a look at the party websites linked below if you wish to inform yourself about the priorities of the runners and riders!  Your chance to vote will be online on Thursday…

Click here to go to the Education Party’s website

Click here to go to the Green Eco Party’s website

Click here to go to the Life Party’s website

Click here to go to the Well Being Party’s website

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