Help! We’re shipwrecked!!

Date: 12th June 2019

By: Miss Martin

Category: Geography, Practical learning, Teamwork, Year 5

Recently Year 5 found themselves shipwrecked!! We enjoyed unscrambling some tricky shipwrecked vocabulary and then we worked in teams to build a boat that would get us back to shore safe and sound.

After all that hard work and finally getting back to shore, we scavenged for any food we could find. We tasted many different fruits from around the world. Some we loved and some we didn’t; our favourite was the passion fruit!

We had so much fun being stranded that we nearly didn’t make it back to school in time for the end of the day! But, with a little bit of team work and hard work we managed to steer our ship straight past Skull Island, we took a right turn at Pirate Cove and finally arrived back at St James’.

Thank you for all your recycling and costume effort! We all looked fab!

Miss Martin and Mr Holland

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