Fun in the sun!

Year 5 visited the beach to partake in some invaluable outdoor learning and spend time expressing themselves creatively. We also had a surprise visit from the RNLI lifeguards who talked to us about the different flags and what they mean to help keep us safe in the water. They also showed us some of their impressive, life saving equipment and we even had a go rescuing each other…on the beach of course! 

During the day we had a go at different carousel activities.

In the water, we looked at long shore drift and how it effects our shore line and what we can put in place to help keep our beaches healthy and sustainable. Year 5 then went on a journey around the beach to find shells and rocks to create their own beach art. We then plucked up our courage to talk to the public to ask them questions about the beaches. Together, we created a class questionnaire and are going to collate this data together to create bar charts and will be using the laptops to show our results electronically. We worked as a team to find all the physical features on our coast line. We also picked out all the human features and drew these in our booklets. Then, we used our beady eyes to find something on the beach that starts with each letter of the alphabet!

Here are some pictures from our fantastic day!

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Martin and Mr Holland


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