Don’t read this before you go to bed…

Date: 12th July 2019

By: Mr Brown

Category: Achievement, Creativity, Reading, Spirituality, Writing, Year 6

Joseph in Year 6 has written an AWESOME horror story…  we thought we should celebrate it and give you something to think about as you close your eyes to go to sleep tonight….  Mwah, ha, ha ha, hahhhhhh!!!!


They strolled down the glowing path. The stars were dotted around the tranquil abyss of sky above them like tiny candles in a dark room, giving the countryside a fairy tale-like atmosphere. A thin fog hung below their knees as the two men casually walked onwards; almost oblivious to the awful silence around them. A large, dark shape loomed over the horizon, blocking the glorious light of the moon from view.

As they got closer, it became obvious what the dark shape was.

‘’Should we go in? It seems like trespassing,’’ one said to the other.

‘’Of course,’’ he said back, ‘’We have to look for clues. They slowly shuffled in to the room. Directly in front of them was a dead body.

‘’Here’s the victim,’’ one said with delight, ‘’It was a lot easier to find than I thought.’’  He mumbled something to himself and opened his brown, leather bag with rips round the edges. A dash of red had stained it and it looked an awful mess. The other man gulped as he drew closer to the corpse. He noticed a large knife wound in the victim’s chest. His friend obviously hadn’t noticed and was examining the head. ‘’No injuries here. Strange.’’ The man who had noticed the wound said to the detective, ‘’Look Perkins! There’s the injury.’’

Perkins gave him an annoyed, sideways glance before saying, ‘’Yes. Yes. I did know that. I was checking for any other injuries. Now make yourself useful by fetching me my magnifying glass, it’s in my bag.’’ Robert reached inside the leather case but something sharp was obviously in there because he let out a cry of pain and withdrew a bleeding finger from the bag. He looked inside and saw a glinting blade, a few drops of blood staining it’s rusted surface. Perkins was still ignoring him.

‘’I’m going to have a look around for more clues. You stay here and guard the body Robert. There’s a good chap.’’ Perkins stood up with unnecessary dignity and shambled up a narrow staircase. Robert took the time to have a look at the mansion he was in. A gold chandelier hung from the marble ceiling and corridors sprouted off in all directions. A musty smell was building up and the air was thick with dust. The room was dark and dingy with the murdered body in the centre. Oh and it was quiet. Too quiet.

Upstairs, Perkins was walking slowly through the spooky rooms, muttering angrily to himself. ‘’Why did I let Robert in my bag. Of course he’s going to be suspicious.’’ Just then, an awful, alien noise rang out in the air. ‘’Why! Why did you do this to me!’’ A piercing sound filled the room, breaking the barren silence. Perkins stood stock still, his eyes grey and lifeless, and then he dropped dead. Robert would have been dead too, but he was already running.

And as for Perkins, well, it will serve him right for killing me.

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