Year 2’s Beach Adventure

Year 2 spent a morning down at the beach discovering what makes our beach so fantastic and learning why we need to protect it. Whilst on the sunny shore, we created amazing sand sculptures individually decorated beautifully with natural items found on the beach. Whilst collecting their decorative items, Year 2 became passionate about finding litter of all shapes and sizes and putting them in the rubbish bin. They were surprised to find that most of the litter they found were small pieces of plastic that could easily be consumed by sea creatures! Once the amazing sand sculptures were made, we talked as a year group about recycling and that often things that we recycle could have been reused instead. To practice this, Year 2 were instructed to remove the decorations from their sand sculptures and use them to decorate a sand footprint. Whilst doing this, they were thinking about the message ‘leave only footprints’ on the beach and they also continued to collect litter!

On return to school, Year 2 continued their learning to help them get one step closer to saving the world. The children had the choice of several activities including:

  • Painting a sea picture
  • Creating lego sea creatures
  • Sorting recycled items
  • Drawing a ‘save the beach’ poster

Some quality pieces of learning were produced that afternoon which we cannot wait to display.

Year 2 had a wonderful day which helped them understand why it is so important to act now if we really are going to save the world.

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