Stiggy Day!

Date: 1st October 2019

By: Miss Martin

Category: Drama, Practical learning, Reading, Teamwork, Year 5

On Monday, Year 5 went feral and came in dressed as Stig of the Dump himself!

We started the day by reading the blurb and the first line. In groups, the children had to create a piece of drama to act out their prediction of the story line. They had to work together to create characters, write a script and rehearse their performance.

After this, we created our own character, like Barney when he created Stig. We talked about why Barney may have created an imaginary friend and what sort of imaginary friend we would want.

To end the day, we showed off our acting skills and performed our performances. We then created our own Stig of the Dump like den with the bed sheets and we listened to the first few chapters of ‘Stig of the Dump’.

We had a fantastic day and started our new project on a high!

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