Tales of life in WWII

Date: 26th November 2019

By: Mrs Dodd

Category: British Values, Community, Forgiveness, History, Parents, Partnership, Questioning, Visitor, Year 6

It is always so good when we can hear about events in history from those who experienced it first hand or have family members who did and we were delighted to welcome Mrs Dodd’s Mum and Dad to share some of their childhood and family stories of WWII.  Mrs Horrell’s Dad was in the Army Service Corps from 1939 and was evacuated from Dunkirk – she was born during the war itself and barely saw her Dad for the first few years of life. Mr Horrell was a child growing up near Exeter during the war.

Both of them were able to share with us stories of school air raids, rationing and life in the war and we learnt a little more from Mrs Dodd’s grandad’s notes on his experiences. We saw how many sweets we would have been able to have on rations and even felt a piece of wartime toilet paper which was nothing like as soft as good old Andrex!! We ended with a few wartime songs.

It is so important for us to learn about key events in our history and to be able to do that from our own families is a real privilege. We are already hearing some amazing tales from the students of their own family stories, including RAF pilots and Dambusters and this is a project with huge learning value.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

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