Parent Questionnaire 2019

Date: 17th December 2019

By: Mr Brown

Category: British Values, Community, Parents, Partnership, Questioning, Reflection, Teamwork, Whole school

All those who have so far attended one of our productions (and those of you who have will still be glowing in the joy of those occasions…!) will be aware that at this time of year we ask you to support us by filling out our annual parent questionnaire.  It’s really important that you do this, please, because the more responses we receive, the more comprehensive the picture we gain about our collective strengths and areas for development.  We’re using a new survey template this year, and filling out your answers should take no more than ten minutes – PLEASE spare us this time and let us know your thoughts.  The survey will be taken offline at the end of Saturday so that we can analyse the results over the Christmas break.  Many thanks.

To access the survey, please CLICK HERE.

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