Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you to everyone in our community for your engagement, challenge, humour, observations, love, kindness and patience throughout the whole of this Autumn term.  We have been touched by the gifts the children have brought in for the adults who support them, and for all your kind words (both ongoing and more recently in response to a production or similar).  There are too many people and groups to thank individually, but volunteers, the PSA, colleagues, children, families and the prayer group have all touched our hearts…  Particularly the Prayer Group, (who meet on Monday mornings and everyone is welcome….).  We came into the staff room a few days ago to find a delicious bowl of fruity treats and a little note that accompanied the fruit tickled us pink – they know how to encourage teachers to eat their five a day….!  Have a wonderful Christmasholiday, and don’t forget to wash your hands!!

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