A Brilliant Bushtucker Trial!

Date: 13th January 2020

By: Miss Cutler

Category: Creativity, Practical learning, Questioning, Writing, Year 4

I’m a year 4… get me out of here!

To introduce Year 4’s new topic ‘Our Precious Planet’, the children were chosen to be contestants for their very own Bushtucker trial! They were all lucky enough to be given the opportunity to put their hands into the unknown of the mystery buckets… As you can see, there was a whole range of emotions filling the room and the facial expressions captured are priceless! After dipping their hands into the depths of the trial, the children wrote down their predictions ready for the big reveal. They were shocked to find out that what felt like worms was really just cooked spaghetti and what seemed like eyeballs were just olives! The next day, we all reflected on our fantastic trial and wrote a diary entry to capture our experiences even further. What an afternoon to remember.

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