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In their shoes…

Date: 3rd February 2020

By: Mrs Dodd

Category: British Values, Creativity, English, History, Kindness, Reflection, Uncategorised, Writing, Year 6

We knew that learning about The Holocaust was never going to be an easy topic but Year 6 had some really meaningful discussion and moments as we considered the lives, and deaths, of those who suffered so much in this dreadful time in our history. We learnt of the stories of 6 different children who survived in camps, through Kristellnacht or having to leave their homes and families just to survive. We then put ourselves into their shoes and wrote a piece of creative writing of our choice.

It was an emotional day but we hope that the conversations and learning that came out of it will both pay respect to those who died and help to shape our future into one of kindness, tolerance and working together for good.

In the words of one of our poems:

People taking a last breath

Before you enter the chamber of death

It’s not like in games when you can respawn

It won’t grow back like cutting the lawn,

Its not like when you loose a bruise from a whack

This is LIFE and, when you die, there’ s no coming back.


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