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Go Go Galapagos!

Date: 4th February 2020

By: Mrs Dodd

Category: Competition, Creativity, Eco, English, Geography, I.T., Independence, Teamwork, Year 6

As part of our learning in Geography and Science, Year 6 have been exploring The Galápagos Islands and creating our own proposals for Eco Tourism hotels and tours. We had to work in Teams to devise an eco friendly tour company and present our ideas in our very own Dragon’s Den .

Convincing the Dodd and Holland dragons to part with their money was quite an intense process and we had to be ready to answer in depth questions about the viability of our costs and proposals as well as how our hotels would make a difference to the economy of the Islands without damaging the wildlife. We had examples of recycled clothing in the gift shops, hotels using sustainable materials and pollution eating boats to travel on, along with a whole range of other ideas.

In the end, the Dragons were suitably impressed and, after some heavy negotiations,invested millions between them although not without gaining a few majority shareholdings, patents and returning profits along the way!

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