All Around the World…

Date: 27th February 2020

By: Mrs Allery

Category: Celebration, Dance, Geography, Reception, Visitor

Since posting about learning about India and Australia, Seals and Dolphins have been busy exploring more of our world. As it was Chinese New Year we found out lots about China.  We heard the story of Chinese New Year and found out about the way it is celebrated.  We cooked some noodles. Then we got to try some noodles and prawn crackers. We had a go at our own dragon and lion dances too.

After that we moved on to Africa. We read the story of Handa’s Surprise. We had a go at printing and creating African style necklaces as well as lots of other activities. We all really enjoyed trying some African drumming.

Mr Atie came in to tell us about living in Nigeria. He showed us some clothes people wear in Nigeria, and Mrs Lees and Mr Parsons had a go at wearing them too. He showed us some fruit and vegetables eaten in Nigeria like plantain and yams. We got to hold them and see what they were like. We even got to try some fruit and plantain he cut up for us. We got to ask lots of questions too.

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