What a week! Virtual School, week one..

Just before we launch ourselves into our Virtual Summer Term, we thought we’d throw back a whole four weeks to look at what we achieved in our very first week of Virtual School.  What a week we had! We were blown away by how much the children engaged with a whole range of learning across the Virtual School. And despite the old saying that, ‘ You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks’ , it’s been pretty clear that all of us, old and young, were learning how to learn in a whole different way. We had Music, History, Geography, DT, Science, French, P.E… the whole caboodle. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support along the way

Well done to everyone who has had a go at lessons and activities online, creative tasks, writing tasks, maths learning, reading and a whole lot more. Here are just a few pictures to make you smile.

Wash those hands. Together, we will get through.  We are ready to go for Virtual Summer Learning!!!  Tommorrow morning we begin with another cracker of a film from many of the adults in school – spoiler alert… some of them seem to be going a little doo-lally stuck on their own at home…!!!

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