When I Grow Up…

Welcome back!  It has been great to get back into the swing of things at the Virtual School this week.  The children have adapted so well and teachers could not be prouder for the way that they are continuing to rise to the challenge of being part of our online learning adventure, along with those still working hard in the physical school.

This week, our theme of the week has been entitled ‘When I Grow Up’.  To kick things off, adults from the school community videoed themselves explaining what they aspired to be when they were children (or not, in the case of Mr Brown, who still has not grown up!).  From there, the children were invited to think about their own career aspirations and display what they wanted to be when they were older.

From this, all sorts of marvellous learning has taken place.  We’ve had biographies, poems, stories, paintings and even pretend interviews amongst many other brilliant things!  It has capped off a truly memorable week and one that sets us up nicely for our new theme next week, ‘Tails from the Treehouse’.  Watch this space…

Anyway, for now we hope that you enjoy looking through these pictures that are taken from right across the school as much as the teachers have!

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