Making Memories and Building Dreams

Date: 27th April 2020

By: Mrs Allery

Category: Creativity, Design, English, Home Learning, Maths, Phonics, Practical learning, Reading, Reception, Virtual School, Writing

In Reception last week we were looking back and forward all at the same time.   We started the week thinking about some of our favourite memories of the Easter break. Easter egg hunts rated pretty highly. Everybody loves chocolate

But we remembered lots of other lovely things too like dressing up as Belle, doing gymnastics, painting eggs, creating with Hama beads, and of course relaxing in the hot tub!   


 After that we decided we would move onto thinking about the future. We shared our dream jobs for when we grow up. There were so many great ideas. Some of us were really setting the bar high. We have a future Power Ranger and fairies, one of which is going to wave her magic wand and make corona virus disappear. 

We also have future policemen, builders, lifeboat rescue, doctors and teachers:


Because we are all aiming high in Reception we have also been working hard learning so we can be ready for whatever comes next. We have been super busy learning in so many ways. This week we have been thinking hard in Maths doing some subtraction. We have all solved problems in our own way. Some of us used lego while others did it on paper or with number lines.


We’ve been practicing Reading words with sound buttons to help us use our phonics.  

Some of us have been stretching our design skills by creating an animal park. We just couldn’t put photos in of all of them because they were all so amazing.  


We have also been using our imagination. Which is especially useful at the moment. We were challenged to find different uses for things we find around the house. We did an awesome job. Life is so much more exciting if you can play tennis with a lemon and a frying pan, use a piece of track or a rolling pin as a sword. The possibilities are endless….!!!


Maybe you could have a go too!

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