Fantastic Flowers!

Date: 29th April 2020

By: Admin St James

Category: Art, Community, Creativity, Home Learning, Outdoor learning, Practical learning, Science, Virtual School, Year 4

In Virtual School last week, one of year 4’s foundation task was Science-based. The task was inspired by the wonderful weather we have been having recently and all of the beautiful Spring flowers that have been blooming over the past few weeks. 

As well as many children letting us know their new love for gardening through the ‘When I Grow Up’ task, it was great to hear how many of you wanted to work amongst nature through gardening, farming, dog training and many other career choices! We asked the children to either photograph, draw or pick some flowers from their garden or during their daily exercise.

From there, they then needed to label all of the different parts of a flower that they could think of or find out. This enabled the children to practically and creatively identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers.

And what a great result it gave us… Mr Slattery and Miss Cutler absolutely loved the outcome from this, since receiving an abundance of beautifully presented work from the children! Some children even had a go at flower pressing. Have a look for yourselves!

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