Tales from the Treehouse

Date: 1st May 2020

By: Miss Martin

Category: Art, Drama, Home Learning, Maths, Practical learning, Virtual School, Year 5

Year 5 have had a fantastic week this week!

We started the week becoming reporters for the Fairy Tale Times and writing up an article informing us about some of the horrific crimes going on in Fairy Tale land! For example, a blonde girl was reported to have broken into a family home of three bears, breaking their chairs and eating their food.

We then created our own angry birds game in the theme of traditional tales. The werewolf could have actually knocked the three piggies house down this time! We had to use a protractor and angles to work out the best way to fire our characters at the houses.

We then used a straw and paint to create some fantastic lightning forks to add drama to our Thor art work!

We also had a fantastic story told to us by the Fantastic Mr Parslow. You can listen to it here  We had to write our own tradition tale, or twist one of the originals and tell it using story telling techniques like different voices, tone of voice and body language.

Here are some examples of our fantastic work from our Tales from the Treehouse week:



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