VE Day Celebration Preparation!

Date: 7th May 2020

By: Mrs Price

Category: Art, British Values, Celebration, Creativity, English, History, Maths, Virtual School, Year 2

Year 2 have been busy this week learning about how World War Two (WW2) ended and about Victory in Europe Day (VE Day). Year 2 have been set a variety of challenges this week to help them understand how WW2 ended and why VE Day was a huge cause for celebration.

To begin the week, Year 2 were challenged to work with their families to plan a VE Day party, ready to celebrate at home on Friday 8th May to mark VE Day. As part of this challenge, children planned games, wrote invitations, planned party food and made decorations:

In another of their challenges, Year 2 were asked to research what VE Day actually is. The children worked really hard to present their information in interesting ways. Some created powerpoints and some created posters but what they all had in common was the hard work and effort that had gone into making sure they had put as much information into their learning as they could.


In another activity, Year 2 were asked to think in more detail about their picnic that they had planned for their VE Day party. The children drew a picture of the food they would like at their party and then used their Maths shape skills to spot 2D and 3D shapes in their drawing. You can see where children have spotted shapes in the pictures below by reading their labels.

What a week full of interesting learning. Year 2 are now completing their final preparations to throw the best VE Day party at home!

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