Passionate Persuasive Letters!

Date: 28th May 2020

By: Admin St James

Category: Creativity, English, Home Learning, Virtual School, Year 4

Year 4 have been up to some dazzling Disney tasks in virtual school that have truly blown Mr. Slattery and Miss. Cutler away! For last week’s English tasks we were learning all about persuasive text and the important features within this. This has prepared us to write our very own letters to convince Disney that they should open a theme park or ride that they have designed themselves! It also gave us a great opportunity to continue to develop our writing skills like our handwriting or typing, ideas and imagination, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The children had to explain to Disney why they should open their ride or theme park, using clear and concise key points backed up evidence. They all included such brilliant techniques in their writing, such as persuasive and formal language, strong arguments , fronted adverbials and rhetorical questions. On Monday after half term, we will be announcing 2 winners from each class for the best letters and… actually sending them to Disney! We had so many fantastic letters submitted, thank you year 4! Below is a selection of some of year 4’s outstanding writing!



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