Round 1 Euro 2020 Tournament Results…

Date: 2nd June 2020

By: Mr Slattery

Category: Home Learning, Outdoor learning, PE, Sport, Virtual School, Whole school

Well well well…

What a great first day of our very own ‘Football’s Coming Home’ Euro 2020 tournament.  The sweepstake was drawn and each class (plus Mr Payne and Mr Brown, of course!) were given their own country to support.  If you have not seen the video of the sweepstake draw already, you can do so through this link: St. James’ Euro 2020 Sweepstake Draw

The tournament table was set and teachers gathered themselves and geared themselves up for the first round…. the paper flicking round.  For this, they were tasked to see how many times they could flick a piece of paper into a goal.  The results came in thick and fast – as we know each class had another class to beat in order to progress to the next round!  You can watch each of the teacher’s videos for this round by clicking on this link: Round 1 – Flicking paper into a goal

In game one, Mr Parsons (Scotland) was victorious over Miss Cutler (Wales) with a score of 24 points to 5.  In game two, Mr Slattery (France) just beat Mrs Lambon (Italy) by a narrow 30 – 28 scoreline.  We move onto game three, where Bogota (Mrs Dodd – Portugal) had victory over Paris (Mrs Fakorede – Denmark) by a single point!  Game 5 produced a landslide victory for Miss Martin (Switzerland) over Mr Holland (Germany) with a score of 18 – 5.  Moving on, in a very high scoring game Miss Bowen (Belgium) beat Mr Thomas (Norway) 40 – 30.  Mrs Jacobs had victory over Miss Green in game number 7, with a score of 29 – 17.  Penultimately, Mr Brown had a late entry with Poland to reign supreme over Mrs Price’s Iceland to win 29 – 17.  Finally, in game number 8 Mr Payne (England – no we didn’t fix the draw!) beat Miss Brennan (Sweden) 40 – 18.

If you would like to view the tournament table you can view it below or download it here: St. James’ Football’s Coming Home Tournament

This sets up the next round draw as follows:

Dolphins vs Rome
Bogota vs Washington
Turtles vs Seals
Would you believe it, Mr Brown vs Mr Payne!!!

For the next round, teachers have been asked to see how many skips they can do in 30 seconds.  For now, I wonder if anyone will be able to beat Mr Payne and Miss Bowen’s top score of 40 flicks into a goal in 30 seconds.  Give it a try, it’s not as easy as it sounds…


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